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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala and Opening Parties​

The Academy Museum is a museum all about motion pictures, highlighting the “arts, sciences and artists of moviemaking”. I was thrilled to be asked to help design invitations, menus, step and repeats, and more, for the opening parties. The invitation for the Gala has fun die-cut shapes with an illustration behind to mimic the opening entrance which was a green carpet with landscaped plants and flowers laid out in similar organic shapes inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Princess Mononoke” which is part of one of the opening exhibitions.

Creative Direction: Peter Raphael Castro

Art Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 5.06.16 PM cop
Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival

For the 2016 Billboard Hot 100 branding, Creative Director Liz Welchman assigned the crazy talented (and funny) illustrator Jared Nickerson. I was tasked with the design of marketing collateral and credentials for artists, press and VIPs. 

Illustration: Jared Nickerson of JthreeConcepts

Creative Direction: Liz Welchman

Art Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Back to the Block​

Logo, invites, advertorial recap, print ads and all event collateral for a Billboard live and video event series sponsored by 1800 tequila featuring G-Eazy, Travis Scott and Wale among others in their respective hometowns.

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Nick_Offerman_a_l_KEY ART AWARDS logo.png
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 4.04.50 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 4.04.14 PM.png
Key Art Awards

Annually, Clio throws an event for awards related to key art, which is the artwork for movies or TV shows across media such as posters, print, television and digital advertisements and streaming.

I designed a logo for one year and the catalogue for another. 

Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival

Logo design for the very first  Billboard music festival hosted at Jones Beach in New York. The client wanted something that felt 'beachy' but also like the large music festival that it was slated to be. I designed a custom logotype with repeating lines and circles that symbolize sound waves in water; bright, sharp sounds. These poster mockups were inspired by the key art for the 1966 surf documentary "The Endless Summer". 

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