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The Hollywood Reporter Style Site Deck

THR needed a beautifully designed deck to announce and sell placement on their new style site. A mix of collages and full-bleed photos demonstrate the breadth of style content on the site. The content on the site includes everything from architecture and interior design to jewelry, clothes, and beauty all viewed through the lens of Hollywood trends. 

Creative Direction: Shanti Marlar

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

IMDb GP Brand Deck

IMDb began as a visually plain list site for subjects about film that was contributor based. It then developed into a database for everything movie related for use by the industry and huge movie fans. In 2018 they wanted a brand deck that reflected their next big pivot. They've become an exciting editorial and database site that covers all things entertainment from film and TV to video games and ComicCons. They include showtimes and tickets, news, reviews, and trailer videos as well as entertaining subject lists and other editorial programs. They asked me to design a deck that would feel youthful, high energy, modern and reflective of the vibrancy of the current site. The deck was designed in black and white mixed with a much brighter, cleaner version of the IMDb gold color. All of the information is laid out very graphically and the photos used are fun and energetic. 

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

The Ankler GP Brand Deck

Richard Rushfield, a former entertainment columnist who wrote for BuzzFeed, The Los Angeles Times and Gawker, had created a “Hit Hollywood Newsletter” (New York Times) which he called “the newsletter Hollywood loves to hate and hates to love.” It caught the attention of Janice Min who became partner, helping Richard to expand and refine its brand. Janice asked me to design a new smarter and more sophisticated logo for The Ankler, which turned into something like 12 logos for other newsletters and podcasts under The Ankler media’s umbrella. 

Here's excerpts from the GP deck we put together. 

To see the entire identity suite under the Ankler umbrella here.

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Cannes Deck

AMPAS and their new Academy Museum enlisted me to help with a series of proposals and brand decks. The above deck was for Cannes programming. Because the photos were collected from different places, and because they needed to feel polished, refined and clean, they were colorized in a dark blue-black. Photos were used that reflect the most glamorous moments at Cannes; on the red carpet, and the ceremony itself. 

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

All Over Media Luxury Ski Deck

All Over Media is an out of home advertising company. They provide innovative products that include vibrant hand-painted wall murals, all types of bar media including coasters and digital media, and they have special products at ski resorts. This deck was to promote ad placements on their ski resort products. Ski resorts are ideal places for luxury brands to advertise due to the affluence of their typical visitor. The problem at the time was that AOM was yet to have a regular product or marketing photographer, so there were no beautiful, luxury-expressing images to work with. 
To tell the story in a lush, captivating way, the solution lied in extensive photo research of stock images to find photos that accurately and appropriately exude the lifestyle of the ideal luxury consumer audience. It was also carefully laid-out to feel extra premium.

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The recently opened and much lauded Academy Museum of Motion Pictures (created by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences) asked me to make a presentation to engage potential sponsors in the Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898–1971 exhibition that reveals the important and often unrecognized history of African American filmmakers, both in front of and behind the camera. 

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

Billboard Dance Deck

Electronic dance music (EDM), has become hugely popular among millennials/Gen Zs, and frequents Billboard charts like the Hot 100. They needed a deck that expressed the influential power and commercial potential of EDM content right now. The look is inspired by EDM artwork and album covers. It was a mix of digital illustrations, simple, esoterically-EDM icons, and bright, primary colors. 

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

UTA Fine Arts

UTA Fine Arts is a subdivision of the United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. They focus on partnering fine artists with brands to produce events, initiatives, licensing, and more. Their brand deck and needed to be clean and simple, and to incorporate fine art and subtle design details in order to sell to art-loving brands.

Creative Direction and Design: Dawn Camner

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